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Where: TB12 Sports Therapy Center is located at 240 Patriot Place, Foxborough MA 02035

Sports Therapy

The TB12 Sports Therapy Center brings our purpose of sustained peak performance to life.

At the TB12 Sports Therapy Center, our highly-trained body coaches translate each client’s complete biomechanics and unique goals into comprehensive, customized, sport-specific and position-specific programs that integrate cutting-edge concepts in athletic preparation, recovery, hydration, nutrition, and cognitive training.

The TB12 Sports Therapy Center is also our demonstration and innovation platform for new performance and functional products.

A limited number of appointments are available.  Please visit www.tb12sports.com or call us for more information.

Also, please note that the TB12 Sports Therapy Center stocks only a very limited range of TB12 products.  Please call us for more information or visit www.tb12sports.com to order products through the TB12 online store.


Hours of Operation, TB12:

Monday - Friday: 7:00AM - 5:00PM


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The TB12 Sports Therapy Center was created to bring Tom Brady’s method of training to athletes who aspire to be the best they can be, at every age. The TB12 Method is a proven approach to help people reach and maintain their peak levels of performance. Developed by Brady and his body coach, Alex Guerrero, their revolutionary approaches to wellness in the areas of nutrition and supplementation, as well as physical and mental fitness training, have helped athletes maximize their potential and maintain peak performance levels for more than a decade.

TB12 Sports Therapy Center is open to the public – professional and amateur athletes of all ages, as well as individuals seeking to improve their health and well being.

Tom Brady After 17 seasons of peak performance in the National Football League, Brady continues to improve and excel, both physically and mentally. He has every intention of continuing to play for the Patriots well into his 40s and firmly believes that his TB12 Method and training will allow him to achieve that goal.  Now, through the TB12 Sports Therapy Center, Brady will share his TB12 Method with athletes of all ages to help them improve their performance, health and well being.

Alex Guerrero Alex has worked with some of the world’s premier athletes to help them maximize their potential. His clients include both professional and amateur athletes. His clients credit the all-natural techniques for extending their careers through injury prevention, injury recovery and optimized athletic performance.