Celebrate Your Heart

February 10th – 28th
tags: Health & Wellness
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Brigham and Women’s/Mass General Health Care Center and Patriot Place want to help you stay active for your optimum heart health. Stop by the Health Center during regular business hours to pick up a free jump rope and discounted pass for ice skating tickets to Winter Skate.


In recognition of February’s designation as National Heart Health Month, Brigham and Women’s/Mass General
Health Care Center offers the following healthy heart tips:


Prevent Heart Disease

Know the numbers that could save your life:
• Blood pressure
• Cholesterol
• Weight
• Waist circumference


Eat for a Healthier Heart
Eating these foods may help lower your cholesterol,
and even lower your risk for heart disease:
• Pistachios
• Sunflowers seeds
• Avocados
• Salmon
• Olive oil
• Oatmeal
• Apples


Walk Away From Heart Disease
Did you know that by walking 30 minutes-a-day at a
moderate-to-brisk pace you can reduce the following?
• Blood Pressure
• Weight
• Diabetes
• Stress
• Cholesterol