Submerse yourself in suspense!

An accidental discovery leads you to an incredible underwater adventure aboard a mysterious submarine. You’ll need to use your wits before you can resurface. Figure out how to repair the vessel’s engines, complete a dangerous experiment, and fend off an attack by a mythical sea monster. Will you be able to solve the secrets that lie beneath the sea or will the challenges prove to be beyond your depth?

Come spy with us!

The clock is ticking and everything is on the line as an evil spy organization threatens the world!  You’ll need nerves of steel to infiltrate the enemy base and save the day.  Dodge security lasers, crawl though vents, hack the computer system and disarm a ticking time bomb in this action packed spy thriller!  Every puzzle you solve, challenge you conquer and mistake you make will change the outcome – so stay sharp and don’t get caught!

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  • $19.99 single adventure
  • $24.99 both adventures
  • For birthday parties, field trips or corporate team building events, call Group Sales at 855.955.WITS x1

Visit 5 Wits

In 20,000 Leagues, a simple museum visit turns into an extraordinary adventure! Your group stumbles upon the entrance to Captain Nemo’s submarine - the Nautilus. Thought to be a fantastical creation from the mind of Jules Verne, the mysterious vessel had been carefully hidden away for a hundred years, and now you will be the first aboard to discover her secrets!

Repair mechanical systems, test your hand at completing Nemo’s final experiment, and come face to face with mythical creatures of the deep! It’s a journey unlike any other! Make your way through the ship, and you may just resurface with the solution to the greatest mystery under the sea: what happened to Captain Nemo and the Nautilus?



ESPIONAGE will challenge you to play the role of international secret agent. You will be tasked with completing a dangerous mission to keep precious military secrets from getting into the wrong hands. Working in teams, guests will infiltrate, investigate and unravel the plot. The hour-long, interactive walk-through adventures will transport guests into fantastic worlds using Disney-caliber set design and special effects. Each decision made by the group affects the storyline and outcome, making the experience different with each visit.

Get hands on cracking safes, hacking computers & dodging lasers as your crew goes head to head with the notorious CABAL Corporation. The fate of the free world rests on your shoulders so team up with other agents to infiltrate CABAL headquarters, destroy the leaked blueprints and expose the mole in your organization. Every puzzle you solve, challenge you conquer, and mistake you make will change the outcome, so stay sharp, move fast - and don't get caught!




  • $19.99 single adventure
  • $24.99 both adventures
  • For birthday parties, field trips or corporate team building events, call our group sales office at 855.955.WITS x1

20,000 Leagues